GM EUR Policies

Click on the area below where your GP practice is based for more information on what interventions are not routinely commissioned or will only be routinely commissioned or performed when specific criteria are met.

What does each policy detail?
Each treatment policy states whether the treatment or procedure is:

  • Not routinely commissioned: Would require an Individual Funding request to demonstrate clinical exceptionality

  • Restricted: Funded if particular clinical criteria and thresholds apply

  • Any Exclusions: This is where alternative arrangements apply for that particular intervention or treatment

  • The rationale behind the policy statement

  • A brief description of the treatment/procedure

  • Evidence Review: A summary of what clinical guidance has been used to inform the detail of the policy

What types of treatments do the policies cover?
The policies cover a range of clinical treatments which are:

  • Procedures that are identified as being relatively ineffective (e.g. certain spinal procedures for back pain)

  • Identified cosmetic/aesthetic procedures

  • Effective procedures in mild cases where the balance between benefit and risk is close (e.g. cataract surgery)

  • Effective, but where other cost-effective alternatives should be tried first (e.g. hysterectomy for heavy menstrual bleeding)

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