Funding Requests

How does the IFR/IPA Application System work in practice?

GPs, service providers and clinical staff treating registered patients of any one of the GM CCGs are expected to implement EUR treatment policies.

Where there is a funding mechanism of Monitored Approval treatment may be undertaken in line with the agreed EUR policy criteria / routine commissioning arrangements. Funding approval is not required and the CCGs do not need to be notified of the planned treatment. When procedures are undertaken on the basis of meeting the criteria specified within the policy, this should be clearly documented within the clinical notes. Failure to do so will be considered by CCGs as lack of compliance. Audits may be undertaken to ensure adherence the agreed commissioning arrangements.

Where there is a funding mechanism of Individual Prior Approval the specific treatment falls outside of routinely commissioned arrangements and the CCGs have specifically requested that funding is sought for a particular treatment. The treatment must not be undertaken without funding approval.

Where there is a funding mechanism of Individual Funding Request (exceptional case) approval a decision has been taken not to commission that specific treatment. This means treatment will only be funded if the application proves exceptional clinical need and that is supported by the CCG. Please refer to the GM EUR Operational Policy for further guidance on clinical exceptionality. Treatment must not be undertaken without funding approval. This funding mechanism also applies when the patient does not meet the specified clinical criteria.

Who can apply for funding?

These are clinician lead applications, where by the patients clinician or GP can submit a funding request for consideration.

Applications for funding should be submitted on the appropriate the treatment specific form where one is available. The use of the form is an attempt to ensure that applications are

  • Appropriate

  • Contain adequate information

  • Address all relevant factors

Before requesting funding for a patient, please check the policy criteria and ensure that all the appropriate information is submitted; otherwise a decision will be made on the basis of the information provided. It is important, therefore, that the form is as fully completed as possible before submission. An incomplete form will, at best, delay the funding request process through additional information having to be sought and, at worst, may mean the request being turned down because all of the relevant details have not been presented.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of the requesting clinician (together with the patient) to supply the information / evidence required to support the request – that the treatment requested is clinically and cost-effective and, where the case relates to exceptionality, that the patient’s case differs significantly from others with the same condition and stage of disease. Please refer to the GM EUR Operational Policy for further guidance on clinical exceptionality.

The EUR process should not be used where the intention is to introduce a new intervention for a definable group of patients (however small). You should forward such requests for consideration by the CCG commissioners, usually via the development of a business case for the CCG to consider as part of its annual commissioning round.

Instructions for completion of forms

  1. The application form should be completed electronically using MS Word.

  2. When complete, save the document to your own file folders.

  3. Please ensure that any additional information that you wish to be considered alongside the funding form is included as either hyperlinks within the form or sent by e-mail as additional documents.

  4. Clinical papers cited as references should be provided in full; abstracts, hyperlinks to abstracts or hyperlinks to papers only available by subscription to Journals are not acceptable.

  5. Please send the completed form to our secure NHSmail address: [email protected]. Any documents that need to be submitted in support of a request that are not in electronic format can be scanned and emailed also. Please do not send any correspondence via post.

If you would like further information regarding the EUR processes or advice on completing this form, please contact the Greater Manchester Effective Use of Resources (EUR) Team on: 0161 290 4901 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Please click on the area below where your GP practice is based for more information on what interventions are not routinely commissioned or will only be routinely commissioned or performed when specific criteria are met.