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IFR Management

While CCGs have a responsibility to promote comprehensive healthcare within the resources available, this does not mean an obligation to provide every treatment. Hence, not all treatments (drugs, devices and procedures) are routinely commissioned.

In these circumstances CCGs are required to make decisions relating to individual patients, often referred to as Individual Funding Requests or Individual Prior Approvals. The Greater Manchester EUR service manages this process.

Greater Manchester Treatment Policy Development

Access to healthcare interventions that are unlikely to be clinically effective or should only be performed in specific circumstances must be managed in order to provide the best care for the maximum number of people. When this is done at a local level, there is potential for a 'postcode lottery', whereby different treatments can be accessed depending on where a patient lives.

To reduce the risk and to make sure the resources are used consistently across Greater Manchester, the Greater Manchester EUR service facilitates the Greater Manchester Effective Use of Resources Steering Group to develop Greater Manchester treatment polices and since 2013 over 50 Greater Manchester EUR treatment policies have been developed and are in use in both primary and secondary care across the Greater Manchester footprint..

Take a look at the Greater Manchester EUR Operational Policy which gives more detail around the above 2 sub-services.